Encounter awe-inspiring views on the trails. Meander down to the beautifully rocky lakeshore. Hop in a golf cart to feel the wind on your face as you get from A to B. Make sure you see and feel it all.


As you wander further beyond the Château’s doors, fueled by awe, you will come upon five scenic beaches, with names inspired by our favourite stretches along the French coast.

Prince Edward Beach

Disappear into nature along a manicured path that will take you to two pebble beaches separated by a dramatic point — you’ll feel like you’re in the untamed heart of somewhere secluded.

Pebble Beach

A luxurious boat will pick you up for a day of adventure, a special kayak lift will smoothly place you on water, or a comfortable lounger will support you as you drift into a dream.

Sundowner Beach

At the base of a flight of stairs, sip on delicious sun-downers or savour local fare on an idyllic beachside platform, complete with a fireplace.

Lochview Beach

Nimbly descend a path that leads to a semi-private cove, enclosed by a cliff face on one side and the lake on another — a true oasis.